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21/02/2019 I have decided to auction off my Coca-Cola (and a few other) can collection.
I have been collecting Coca-Cola cans and bottles (and other stuff) since 1982.
I'm based in The Netherlands (Goeree-Overflakkee). Most of my cans and bottles originate from here and all over Europe.

The next few weeks I will be shooting pics of Coke cans and posting them on Instagram at

I will be shipping worldwide. You can combine shipping to get the most out of your money.

Let me tell you up front that none of the cans are in mint condition. Near mint at best.
Most cans have been emptied. The older cans have been opened at the top. The newer cans have been airfaked.
The older ones of the newer cans have been airfaked at the bottom, the newer ones under the pullring.
Some cans are still full, some cans are slowely leaking. If you buy a full can and want it to be shipped empty,
let me know. I will empty the can for you in a way specified by you (i.e. airfaked at the bottom or top)

They all show some wear and tear. Some have faded colors and some have been badly battered and bruised.
I will try my best to describe the cans and have decent pictures so you can see what you are getting.

I will package the cans as good as I can. If weights allow it, I will double box them.
They will be bubblewrapped or wrapped with foam or foam peanuts or packed in a cardboard tube.
I do not reccommend putting full and empty cans in the same box. It's a recipe for dissaster!
It's up to you. Either you want a lot of cans in a box or you want a little less cans and have them super protected.

The Auction
Post your bid in the comments.
Bidding starts at €1 per can with increments of at least €0.50.
Cans are auctioned off individualy.
An auction will last for at least 7 days + 24 hrs after the last bid. This is to prevent sniping.
I.e. If the last bid (after 7 days) has come in on a Monday at 15:00 h. the auction will last until Tuesday 15:00 h.
If someone then makes a new bid on Tuesday at 14:00 h the auction will last until Wednesday 14:00 h and so on.
After nobody has bid for at least 24 hrs, I will contact the highest bidder.
Some cans will have a reserved price. If the reserved price is not met, the can will not be sold.
Your bid does not include shipping costs.

Shipping- and handlingcost
Items will not be shipped until they are fully paid for.
Cans will be shipped world wide via Postnl.
Postnl offers shipping with or without track&trace.
Obviously with track&trace is more expensive. It's up to you which option you choose.
I can not be hold responsible for items being lost while being shipped.
You pay the actual shippingcost.
I charge €4 handlingcost per shipped order.
This covers the costs of me taking the time to take detailed picters and uploading them,
of me searching for sturdy boxes and packing materials, me going to the postoffice etc.
If you live nearby and are willing to pick up your cans, I won't charge shipping or handling costs.

How to pay
If the shipping adress is based the EU, you will pay via a banktransfer.
I will provide you with my IBAN/BIC. Any additional costs of a banktransfer will be payed by the buyer.
If the shipping adress is outside of the EU, you may use Paypal.
I'm not a fan of Paypal! and I'm trying to find a way to work around it.
They have given me a lot of trouble in the past.
I will not accept Moneygram or WesternUnion.
If you come to pick up your cans, you may pay in cash (handje-contantje :)

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